Each 2.36 gm granules contains:
Diminazene Diaceturate B.P Vet. ......................1.05 gm
(4, 4 Diazoamino, Dibenzamidine Diaceturate)
Phenazone B.P ..................................................1.31 gm

Treatment of protozoan diseases
• Trypanosomiasis caused by Trypanosoma congolense, T.vivax and T.brucei
• Babesiosis caused by Babesia bovis, B.bigemina, B.oivs, B.motasi, B.canis
• Theileriosis caused by Theileria annulata.

The Recommended dosage is 3.5 mm of Diminazene diaceturate per kg body weight as a single injection.Do not exceed a total dosage of 4 mg of active ingredient is any animal (or 9 g of DIMINASHISH). The content of one sachet to be dissolved thoroughly in 15 ml of distilled water and to be administered deep intramuscularly and it is sufficient for 300 kg body weight
Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Horse:
For 2.36 g sachet: Prepare the injectable solution by dissolving the content of one sachet (2.36 g) of DIMINASHISH in 15 ml of sterile water

Inject the prepared solution as per the recommendations given below.:

Body Weight Volume of the reconstituted Solution As quantity of Diminazene Diaceturate
40 kg 2.30 ml 140 mg
50 kg 2.88 ml 175 mg
100kg 5.8 ml 350 mg
200 kg 11.5 ml 700 mg
300 kg 17.3 ml 1050 mg
400 kg 23 ml 1400 mg
500 kg 28.8 ml 1750 mg

For the infection with T.brucei or other trypanosomes of tenacious nature use higher dose 8 mg per kg body weight, but do not exceed a total dose of 4 g of active per animal (or 9 g of DIMINASHISH)
Reconstitute the injectable solution by adding 25 ml of sterile water to a 2.36 g sachet Then, inject 1 ml of the reconstituted solution for 10 kg body weight (as 3.5 mg Diminazene diaceturate per kg body weight)

Box of 10 sachets of 2.36 gm